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Some factors can lead a company to bankruptcy: debts, lack of budgetary and financial control, errors in decision-making, and thus, ending up out of control. If your company is facing serious financial challenges that prevent it from meeting its obligations, Almeida Prado & Hoffmann has a team of lawyers specialized in:

Area Manager: Carlos Gouveia




In judicial litigation, personal support in the various trial instances stands out, with the adoption of all relevant procedural measures, including the presentation of memorials and the carrying out of oral arguments before the Superior Courts.


The procedural action includes tax theses, defenses in tax executions, guarantee measures and regularization of tax disputes, in addition to the recovery of amounts unduly collected from the Tax Authorities.


In the sphere of tax administrative litigation, specialized work occurs both in tax bodies (Federal Revenue and State and Municipal Finance Departments), and in judgment bodies (CARF, TIT/SP, CMT/SP, etc.), in infraction notices, tax compensation and reclassification procedures.



The consultancy presents a differentiated performance, aiming to offer the best alternatives of conduct in light of the legislative and jurisprudential scenario.

The team advises on understanding the national tax system and structuring models with the aim of optimizing the tax burden for legal entities and individuals.

The consultancy area also works with the review of tax procedures, aiming to identify unused credits (ICMS, IPI, PIS, COFINS and Social Security Contributions).

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