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Consultancy on foreign investments and regulatory advice for the Central Bank of Brazil regarding direct investments by foreigners in Brazil, constitution of offshore companies, registration of participants in foreign credit operations, financial operations, loans and imports between Brazilians and foreigners, request for registration of foreign legal entity in the CNPJ, presentation of annual declarations, census of foreign capital in Brazil and census of Brazilian capital abroad, as well as preparation and review of corporate documents necessary for the execution of such operations, including the examination of financial statements and other accounting documents that support them.

Area Partner: Graziela Frati


Usually, the operations above oblige the Brazilian company that received the investment or loan to register in the Central Bank of Brazil systems listed below, which are also performed by the APH multidisciplinary team:

- SCE-IED - Provision of Foreign Capital Information - Foreign Direct Investment (formerly RDE-IED);

- SCE-Credit - Provision of Foreign Capital Information (former (RDE-ROF);

- CDNR - Declaratory Registration of Non-Residents (formerly CADEMP).

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