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The Credit Recovery area at Almeida Prado e Hoffmann is recognized for its multidisciplinary work carried out with a legal and business vision by professionals specialized in negotiations in the legal field.

In this way, the office is able to collect credits from the company's clients, avoiding commercial friction and providing better results and the creation of the best strategy, according to the specificity and needs of each one, guaranteeing that the collection is carried out in accordance with ethical and legal precepts.

Area Partner: Leonardo Sigollo


- For this approach, the office uses the following methodologies:

- Administrative Scope – Extrajudicial collection through sending notifications, collection system linked to the legal system, conciliation scheduling, tool to verify the existence of assets, definition of deadline metrics for legal actions and amounts.

- Legal – Analysis of the corporate financial health of the company's clients, verification of each case individually, elaboration of the appropriate legal action for each case in a strategic way, elaboration of a performance graph with definition of the average term for credit recovery with monthly analyzes of new coercive measures possible for each specific case.

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