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The oil and gas sector is one of the fundamental sectors for the Brazilian economy and a specialized multidisciplinary law firm with knowledge of the entire chain production is essential to help all companies in this area.

Thus, the Almeida Prado e Hoffmann is prepared to provide legal services to national and international companies and investors from the entire oil and gas sector that already operate or are interested in the Brazilian market, such as:

Area Partner: Renato Castro


- Elaboration of Legal Opinions related to natural gas activities;

- Legal and regulatory assistance to distribution, commercialization, transport, import markets, among others;

- Legal assistance in the analysis of Bidding Documents and Concession Agreements;

- Legal advice to clients in Hearings and Public Consultations of norms issued by ANP and State Regulatory Agencies;

- Legal and regulatory support in Tax Revisions and Adjustments before State Regulatory Agencies;

- Legal and regulatory consultancy in the modeling and structuring of operations and in the negotiation of concession contracts signed with the ANP and State Regulatory Agencies;

- Guidance on legal issues involving transport, gas distribution, free access to transport pipelines and liquefaction units, including consultancy, preparation and analysis of complex contracts;

- Legal assistance in administrative, judicial and arbitration proceedings involving ANP, MME and CADE;

- Legal guidance on Administrative Acts (Resolutions, Ordinances, Deliberations, among others);

- Institutional support for Projects of Law pending before the National Congress and Legislative Assemblies.

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