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The legalization of companies is the act by which the company, confirming the activity carried out, will have the approval of all supervisory and regulatory agencies in general, including determining the validation of the corporate purpose in the business market, becoming essential for all operating companies to comply with legal rules.


Therefore, the Almeida Prado e Hoffmann office is prepared to provide legal advice to national and international companies regarding processes of incorporation, transition or extinction of companies, registrations or applications, obtaining the necessary authorizations so that the activity can be effective and legally exercised.

Area Partner: Sérgio Pelcerman


- Practicability of companies and branches;

- Preparation of DBE’s (registration, amendment and cancellation);

- Registration of corporate acts before the states' Commercial Boards;

- Registration of documents in the title, notes and real estate registry office;

- Issuance of judicial and extrajudicial certificates;

- Registration and amendment to the social security register (INSS);

- Registration and amendment to the length of service guarantee fund (FGTS);

- Registration and change of tax substitute at the Treasury Department of all states;

- Registration, amendment and cancellation before the city halls of all municipalities;

- Registration, amendment and cancellation with the Treasury Department of all states;

- Registration and changes to the electronic invoice system;

- Business license;

- Registration of a service provider from another municipality (“cpom”);

- Operating license (municipal);

- Legalization for issuing state and municipal NFs;

- Legalization before all registration offices for each category;

- Union legalization.

- Administrative resources in any agency or sphere.

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