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The lawyer specializing in institutional relations is responsible for managing and mediating all relationships with other organizations, public bodies and communities.

Area Manager: Joana Dresch

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• Elaborate and establish strategies in Governmental and Municipal relations;

• Analyze regulatory and regulatory risks;

• Defend the interests of the clients represented in these legislative processes;

• Articulate demands and development of business sectors;

• Reduce economic, social, institutional or operational risks; • Submit to the legislator facts, data, important information and occasional suggestions for improving the proposition;

• Preventing unlawful, unconstitutional and inappropriate use of the law;

• Monitoring of bills;

• Monitoring of public hearings and debates on topics of interest;

• Monitoring of public policies of the Federal Government; • Assistance in contact with authorities and public agents; • Elaboration of conjuncture reports and analysis of political risk.

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