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The area of Real Estate Law is a branch of law that deals with issues related to properties, land, buildings and other aspects related to the real estate market, in addition to a wide range of legal matters involving acquisition, use, possession, rental, transfer, financing and property development.


Real Estate Law is complex and requires an in-depth understanding of local laws and regulations, as well as negotiation, contractual analysis and conflict resolution skills.

Area Partner: Daniel Lopes


- Analysis of real estate documentation and complex contracts, as well as drafting purchase and sale contracts, title investigation, due diligence and ownership issues;

- Regularization of urban properties and real estate development to deal with land acquisition, regulatory approvals, zoning, subdivision, construction and development of real estate projects;

- Advice for commercial property leasing;

- Advice for buying and selling properties;

- Advice on the construction and leasing of urban and rural properties;

- Preparation of contracts on purchase, sale, rental, exchange and donation;

- Organization of real estate developments, signing of contracts on ideal fractions of land, construction of buildings in the form of condominiums, guidance and monitoring of the legal structuring of financing operations and constitution of subdivisions, shopping centers, hotels, clubs, etc.

- Financing and Guarantees: Issues related to real estate loans, mortgages, project financing, guarantees and enforcement of guarantees.

- Corporate Structures and Real Estate Investments: Issues related to the formation of companies for real estate purposes, in addition to real estate investment funds.

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