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We work in association with our clients who seek to plan, structure, implement, grow, organize and/or restructure franchise networks in the most diverse commercial segments, so that they can achieve their objectives with excellence.


The office has a qualified team in the area, to provide support in the demands faced by your business, so that you can feel safe knowing that your enterprise will be analyzed with a global vision, to guarantee compliance on all fronts that a network of franchising is even faced, taking into account the details and specificities of each sector.


In this way, we present intelligent solutions, which, in fact, take into account all the complexity that a franchise requires, making business plans viable and facilitating the commercial dynamics of your company.

Area Partner: Fernanda Olberg


Therefore, we offer, among other services, the following:

- Consultancy for the formatting/implementation of Franchising companies and Franchise Systems;

- Preparation, review and adequacy of Franchise Contracts, Franchise Offer Circulars (COFs), Addendums, Cancellations, Commercial Agreements and other documents;

- Support in related areas such as Partnerships; Commercial Leases; Labor Issues; Shopping Contracts; Agency; Distribution;

- Technology Transfer, etc.

- Registration of the brand and/or products;

- Supervision of the Franchisor/Franchisee relationship;

- Training areas on Franchises and legal requirements;

- Legal support for franchisee associations;

- Corporate restructuring;

- Analysis and presentation of risks for management and definition of action plans;

- Evaluation of marketing campaign materials and registration of promotions with SECAP;

- Extrajudicial notifications of charges and/or misuse of the brand.

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