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In the area of ​​Compliance, Risks and Training, we are committed to delivering a 360 result, offering intelligent and customized solutions to the specific needs of our clients, allowing not only the search for a solution to the problems faced, but also actively and intentionally competitively mitigating exposure, legal and reputational risks, taking steps to prevent and/or correct situations of non-compliance, providing our clients with greater security regarding preventive determinations. ​


Our interest is that you become a reference of excellence in your line of business, being sure that you have the best and most current in the area of ​​Strategic Compliance.

Area Manager: Fernanda Olberg


Therefore, we offer, among other services, the following: ​


- Compliance Consulting (creation, structuring, implementation of compliance programs and integrity systems);

- Conformity assessment in relation to our client's current program, checking whether it meets all legal requirements;

- Advising multinationals interested in adapting their global integrity programs to Brazilian reality, culture and legislation, as well as testing the degree of adequacy of global integrity programs to the local environment and Brazilian units;

- Negotiation, review and drafting of contractual clauses following the “clean company” legislation, with a view to preventive protection;

- Lectures, training and dissemination of good practices (compliance routines and business ethics);

- Preparation of opinions, consultations and memoranda: specific analysis of the topics covered by the protection of personal data (LGPD); - Preparation and review of document retention policy;

- Preparation, implementation and monitoring of relationship policy with public authorities, including rules relating to tributes, gifts and entertainment;

- Preparation and Review of the Code of Ethical Conduct, Anti-Corruption, Customer/Student Conduct; Terms and Conditions of Use, etc.;

- Assistance in implementing the Ethical Listening/Reporting Channel.

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