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The Civil Litigation sector is responsible for providing consultancy and preventive litigation action in various business areas. With specialized knowledge in all sectors, we act before courts, arbitration chambers and conciliation sectors, regulatory agencies and administrative authorities, always strategically aiming to resolve conflicts.

Area Manager: Leonardo Sigollo


Thus, Almeida Prado e Hoffmann has specialized lawyers with extensive experience in various sectors of communication, finance, food, technology, banking, tracking, equipment leasing, energy, consumer, retail, aviation, environment, industry, among others.

Our activities are divided as follows:


- Performance in the judicial and extrajudicial areas, in all units of the federation, mainly in State and Federal justice;

- Follow-up strategic legal proceedings progress involving disputes over rights and duties of a business nature;

- Conflict resolution;

- Judicial and extrajudicial negotiations;

- Filing of public civil actions and collective actions;

- Arbitration and mediation procedure;

- Preventive consultancy in possessory claims.

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