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Banking law regulates relations between banks, payment institutions, credit companies and other market agents and their customers, which covers banking contracts, credit operations, risk management, money laundering and financial crimes.

Area Manager: Graziela Frati


As the financial system is constantly changing, due to new banking products and services, such as digital currency, open finance, open banking, creation of PIX, among others, it is considered a complex and important area for the economy.

- Corporate, contractual and regulatory legal advice from the Central Bank of Brazil relating to financial institutions, payment institutions, credit companies (SCP and SEP) and other market agents, whether or not authorized to operate by the Central Bank of Brazil, in all aspects relevant to its activities and business;

- In addition, it provides financial institutions with practical solutions for day-to-day issues involving banking consumers;

- Provides assistance to the internal legal department in drafting contracts, preparing advertising materials, internal manuals, as well as in the relationship with consumer protection agencies, state and federal Public Ministry and the Judiciary;

- Acting in the defense of financial institutions in administrative and judicial proceedings brought by bank consumers and by consumer protection agencies.

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